R.I.P. Dance | Dytto | Sofia Reyes ft. Rita Ora x Anitta

The amazing Dytto amazes once again with this amazing choreography.

Celebrate in September

Photo by Hayden Scott on Unsplash

There are many national days in September worth celebrating. September is a special month as it ushers in the fall season. That is of course if you live in the northern hemisphere! if you live in the the southern hemisphere it is closer to what it would be like in spring. September comes from “Septem” the latin word for seven. September was originally the seventh month until January and February were added.

September is usually when summer vacation is over and students go back to school. Even though going back to school can seem like a bummer there are lot’s of days to look forward to in September.

In the US, September is when we celebrate National Yoga Month and Food Education Month. So break out your yoga mats, replace that hot dog with avocado on toasted brown bread, and get your namaste on!

Notable days in September to celebrate:

Sep 3rd – US Bowling league day

Get your family and friends and head over to your local bowling alley and bowl ten frames. It’s just as fun as you remember.

Sep 5th – Cheese Pizza Day

Make sure you find a place that serves new york style pizza. Don’t settle for anything less, you can get Little Ceasers anytime!

Sep 7th – Beer Lovers Day

Any beer will do but Beer lovers day is a good excuse to get out of your comfort zone and Support your local brewer by trying a craft brew.

Sep 12th – National Video Games Day

Now days you can find a decent video game just about anywhere; on your phone, Apple TV, X-Box, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or PC. If you are more of an old school style player developers like Miniclip and Gamepigeon have dozens of fun games to play for FREE!

Sep 19h – Talk like a pirate day

arrgh matey, tell a few pirate jokes and call it a day.

Sep 25th – Comic Book Day

Comic book day is different from Superhero day and Free Comic book Day. The best way to celebrate Comic Book day is to purchase or share comic books with friends and family. Or at the very least follow any one of the major comic book companies like Marvel, DC, Darkhorse or Image.

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